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highway robbery at Jackpot Capital

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by chillymellow, May 23, 2015.


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  1. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I have also posted this at another site, but if you can help, that would be fine.

    For six days I competed in a tournament where there was one prize only for First Place. I fought my way up to number one, and a few hours before the tourney ended, was knocked to second. I then decided to keep rebuying to regain first place. I made 3 deposits. I won. I was notified I had won the $250 prize.

    An hour later I went to my account and my balance was missing $125.

    I went to the tournament listing to see what happened. Suddenly the one prize was split into 3 and my first prize was reduced by half.

    Here is my chat log:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Kevina'

    jackpotslotty: jackpotslotty, kevina

    Kevina: Welcome to our live chat service. My name is Kevina; how may I assist you today?

    jackpotslotty: i am pretty ticked off.

    Kevina: Is there something specific I can help you with?

    jackpotslotty: I played a tourney and won, and there was only one prize, $250.

    jackpotslotty: I got notified I won, and won $250.

    jackpotslotty: NOW, it's only half that

    jackpotslotty: and there are multiple prizes

    jackpotslotty: what kind of crap (pardon me) is that

    Kevina: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    jackpotslotty: I would never have spent so much money trying to maintain first place

    Kevina: I can certainly check on that for you.

    Kevina: Please hold for 2 minutes while I look into your query.

    jackpotslotty: ID 106135 been going on 6 days with only one prize

    Kevina: Thank you.

    jackpotslotty: and up until it ended, one prize onlhy

    jackpotslotty: buy in 2.50, 85 addons @ $2 each. I'd be stupid to spend that much for only half the posted prize

    Kevina: I understand.

    Kevina: We are still looking into your query, your patience is appreciated. I will be with you shortly.

    jackpotslotty: ok

    jackpotslotty: i'll add one more thing. I made three deposits last night to regain 1st place. i could have stayed in second for free and gotten $75

    Kevina: Thank you for holding.

    Kevina: The pool was $250 and was broken down between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

    jackpotslotty: Not as posted for the last six days and until after the tourney ended!!!!

    Kevina: You received $125 for coming in 1st. The 2nd place winner received $75 and the 3rd place winner received $50.

    jackpotslotty: that's highway robbery

    jackpotslotty: NOT AS POSTED THE LAST 6 DAYS

    jackpotslotty: AND UNTIL AFTER IT ENDED

    jackpotslotty: I RECEIVED THE POP UP SAYING I WON $250

    Kevina: I understand but this is the information that I've received.


    jackpotslotty: PLEASE

    jackpotslotty: AND PARDON MY ANGER

    Kevina: I'm sorry, there isn't anything that I can do about it.

    jackpotslotty: OH, REALLY.

    Kevina: I understand why you're angry.

    jackpotslotty: I'm sure you do.

    Kevina: May I assist you with anything else today?

    jackpotslotty: that's how y'all are going to play?

    jackpotslotty: seriously?

    jackpotslotty: Lie to me, take my money and ask what else you can do.

    jackpotslotty: ok

    Kevina: I understand your frustration, Omarie.

    jackpotslotty: who is your finance manager

    Kevina: The information as I'm seeing it, is what I've give to you.

    Kevina: Given*

    jackpotslotty: you should have seen the past six days. WHO CHANGED IT?

    jackpotslotty: and who is your finance manager?

    jackpotslotty: This is not a technical difficulty.

    jackpotslotty: This is outright misrepresentation.

    Kevina: What I can provide you with is the support box to forward your concern, and casino management will look into it and get back to you.

    jackpotslotty: Perhaps you should travel through time and see the prizes as posted.

    jackpotslotty: Are you refusing to give me the name of your finance manager?

    Kevina: I'm sorry, I am not able to provide you with that information. The casino management will look into your query once your email is received.

    jackpotslotty: a minute ago you could do nothing. so, yes, give it to me. And I will also post on the several forums in which I participate and let folks know what has happened and update when I receive the reply.

    Kevina: Please hold

    I am emailing as they suggested, but am pretty sure by myself I will get the same response.

    Need some help here.
  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Wow that's messed up chilly. I don't think Mben will be in much this weekend but I'm sure when she gets back she will check on it. I'm so sorry - that wasn't cool. :(
  3. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    yeah well, it probably won't help as I don't have any screen shots or any "proof" other than the other players in the game. The one in second is in most of their tournaments and winning most so either has a large bankroll or isn't a person at all.
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  4. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Ok, I concede. No proof and they say it may have shown that on my computer because of a technical issue and the popup said $125. I can say it may have said that as I only glanced at it. I do know I was only looking at one single $250 prize, though, for the entire 6 days. If they want to call that a tech error, on my computer, okay, but I find that doubtful.

    If you are having a good experience at Jackpot Capital, then by all means consider this an oddity. It's not worth me remaining upset.
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  5. milkman


    another problem at the jackpot capital group....I had mine over at slotastic. my accts at all 3 of their sites are still closed. been playing at intertops ever since
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  6. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    This is one issue I don't think I'd be able to help with, chilly. Like you said "no proof".

    Let us know if the other site was able to lend a hand.

    I'm sorry this happened to you and is something we should all watch out for when playing tournaments anywhere.
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  7. chillymellow

    chillymellow WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I wrote back to JC and in very nice terms told them it wasn't worth the aggravation to pursue and that we were in a standoff situation and I thought it poor business tactics to not have attempted a peace offering. Basically.

    And I said good day to them.

    Today I got another response and they have put $50 in my account with a 60% rollover and max cash out of $250. Not sure if I will ever use it as the damage is done and its a bit late now to be offered.
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