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I am pretty sure the e-mail I just sent to my bank will sadly work against me but it was that or keep quiet ....

Discussion in 'PHOTOS AND STORIES' started by MegaBond, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. MegaBond

    MegaBond MEMBER

    but before long the  headline would read local bank gone. Some believe it was a meteor strike nas though did not track and inbound objects this morning or the last month. A few days later they would read bank mystery solved Authorities did not specify but did say bank disappearance due to a man made pyrotechnic device. LOL anyway maybe I am way off base so below is the e-mail I sent them and if you would like to read it and think I am out of line or wayyyy out there or if you think anything at all let me know :) and I now you all are going who the heck is MegaBond some newb maybe or maybe I have been around awhile but don't talk much ;-) by the way May luck smile one you all . (if you cant tell I am bored lol)  ----------------------------------------------Beging exact reproduction of text in e-mail to us bank ----------------------------------------------I was wondering why all of my online transactions are being denied? I realize my account is negative 5 dollars but I have had and still do Overdraft CoverageYes, this account does have overdraft coverage for ATM and everyday check card transactions. U.S. Bank may cover ATM and everyday check card transactions when there is not enough money in your account. You may be assessed overdraft fees if we authorize and pay an overdraft item. and until this month I was able to have transactions approved up to a negative 300 or so. it just makes no sense to me. Let me be blunt I know that the way your bank is run and every other bank I have used, I am the target audience for the fee Nazi's. I mean dont most customers have issues about when thier direct deposits actually post to thier account or am I the only one you all do it to I doubt I am. I know for a fact you intentionally wait untill the day I am supposed to recive my pay to post it into my accout, why would a bank do that because you all are able to charge me another fee for my overdrawn account the longer it is overdrawn. which I dont much like but I deal with it since it was my fault for letting the account go negative so I live with it. I also dont much like the way transactions get processed but again I live with and deal with because in the end I know how they get processed so if I took the time or was less lazy it would not affect me but I am onw of thoes that fall into the target audience because I end up overdrafting so your business is running just how you all want it. if you were to tell me that is not how you do business I would just say ok and walk away because its hard to prove since it was a long time ago when banks took up that practice and there are a few somewhat plasible reasons to batch process but I mean come on I know for a fact the only reason banks and the whole financal backbone does not run in real time is becuase there would be very few fees to charge the customer if thier transactions happend when they did them. I for a number of years worked at a software company and I the technologie is there to deal with banking in real time but the banks try to keep that info quiet because they dont want to loose the **** load of fees they are able to charge thier loyal customers that for some reason let happen. I am of the opinion that the average person accepts the way banks are run because they are of the mindset that someone is making sure banks are not the new Nazi's of the finacial industry but sadly the banks have been giving hitler a run for his money for a very long time because they make it appear as the way thre operate is as honest as uncle sam is . but I am of the opinion that they have lost thier edge either because average society iq has risen and thiers has not. but the truth is more likely that the banks did not take into account how fast and how easy info travels the chatolics learned the hard way ie the witch hunts guess what banks I am of the opinion that wool you all were controlling somehow vanished and either chance your ways or you will fall to the socially acceptable becaus belive it or not how banks are run is far from socially acceptable and the masses are starting to realise that. but I digress as much as I do not like how you all operate I have come to rely on how you all operate and would kindly ask that my account be set back to default settings. because why have a option for overdraft coverage if you are not allowed to overdraft. and if you are changing how you all operate and how much ones account can be overdrafted it would be nice if you notified the account holders. I thank you for your time  and look forward to my transactions actually working and not failing.   Ever OnwardXXXXXXX -----------------------------------------------End Text Reproduction---------------------------------------------------------         grrrr I forgot to spell check the damn thing before I sent it to them sigh they probly wont be able to read the dang thing cause my spelling sucks bad LOL
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    Megabond, I removed your name from your most for privacy reasons. Thanks for your post.

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