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inetbet refuses to pay me

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by unique1555, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. unique1555

    unique1555 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    inetbet refuses to pay me because my state id has my maiden name on it. I have used this same id to make withdrawals all the time and had no problem until now. My state id says carole stewart -smith. My legal name is Carole Smith but i just happen to put my maiden name on my state id card. I cant put stewart when i register at casinos because all my cards and bank account have just Carole smith and when u make deposits u have to put it just as it appears on your CARD and your bank account, which i did. this is required also by casino that the name matches the card. then they are saying my email doesnt match the one they have in their records but it does and they still refuse to pay me. i have mad a withdrawal from them years ago and should even be required to supply this information again. they claim they now want me to go get a PASSPORT which cost hundreds of dollars to obtain. This is crazy i have never had a casino be so petty. plz help me i have had an account iwth inetbet for around 7 years now. they ne ver check any thing when ure making deposits they just want to make sure its not fraud when u ask for a deposit...i think this is unfair it is giving casinos excuses for not paying people AFTER they have taken their money and this is why so many people dont gamble online because they will take your money without any problems, its just when u ask for a withdrawal does all the problems begin. please help. if u cant let me know i will try somebody else.thanks login at inetbet.com is unique1555
  2. LhasaLover


    How about showing them your birth certificate & your marriage license? That would prove both names for you.
  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    LhasaLover, that's a good idea. This was gonna be a hard one to help with only because the connections we have at iNeBet are not as great as they are with some of the other casinos. "
    unique555, give what LhasaLover suggested and if that does not work, let us know.
  4. LhasaLover


    I was a mortgage loan officer for mega years - had to learn how to prove everything 10 million different ways. LOL ;) Hope that works for you, unique - I know they're just trying to comply with US law about identities.

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