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Slots Inferno trying to Weasel out of my payout request

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by nheffington, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. nheffington

    nheffington NEW MEMBER

    On Friday, July 22nd, I received an email from Winningbaccaratsystem.com. They offered me a no deposit bonus. The bonus was described as "Get your $1000 Free No Deposit Bonus and enjoy your Free play! Use your FREE $1000 to play all our exclusive slot games and keep your WINNINGS!! To redeem your $1000 FREE Bonus simply visit the cashier and redeem the coupon code: 1000FREE. This was being promoted by Inferno Slots.

    So, I redeemed it by clicking on the link provided, which navigated me to Slots Inferno. I played a slot machine, won a little, switched slot machines, and won a lot. The amount that I previously had (which was over 800 dollars) was automatically deducted and I was left with a balance of about $125.

    At this point I figured that I must have met the wager requirements of the bonus so I went to the cashier to try and make a withdrawal. However, Slots Inferno only allows Wire Transfers as a form of withdrawal. And of course, Slots Inferno requires a minimum amount of $150 to initiate a wire transfer.

    Fine I thought, I'll just go back and try to win a little more so I can make a withdrawal. And I did. I actually went back and won a lot. At this point I went back to the cashier and initiated a wire transfer payout request. Everything went through smoothly and my payout request was pending (and as of right now it still is in a pending status).

    Just to be sure I did everything correctly and that no additional information was needed I contacted live chat. At this point I was told by representative "Paul" that:

    Excuse # 1.
    the payout withdrawal request was invalid because I didn't play the Achilles game.
    My Response: I told "Paul" that the terms and conditions did not specify that I had to play Achilles (it absolutely did not specify that...in fact it said play any of our slots and keep your winnings, etc.

    Excuse # 2.
    He then came back and said that I was required to make a deposit (on a no deposit bonus code) of $25.
    My Response: I told him that it absolutely did NOT include a $25 deposit requirement (I have the terms documented to show this too).

    Excuse # 3.
    He then came back and told me that I could not withdraw the funds because I had multiple accounts which is a breach in their policy.
    My Response: I told him that this was the first time I had ever played on Slots Inferno (which is the truth!) and had no idea what he was talking about. He told me that another user had the same phone number as I did.

    I kept asking questions surrounding all of these reasons why my winnings were invalid and why my payout request won't be approved and why my account was in breach and continued to get contradicting answers. He also told me that I should try reading the terms and conditions a little better, which is a joke because he was the one siting incorrect terms based on the documentation I was provided with when I redeemed the bonus.

    With no thought process from Paul and no end of dumbness in site, I accepted the 1-877 number that I was given and was also told that the accounting department would be reviewing the payout request that morning. That never happened, so I contacted another live chat rep just now and their "help" was worse than the first rep.

    I'm curious if anyone has ever dealt with Slots Inferno? Has anyone ever been successful in processing a payout request and receiving their rightful winnings?

    If anyone has any insight or suggestions, I'd be happy to receive any information or help you can offer.

    Thanks in advance.


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  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Everything I know about Slots Inferno is that it s a rouge casino and owned by a group that are known for non payment at casinos like 99 Slot Machines, Mighty Slots, Plenty Jackpots and a few others.

    We do not promote this casino group for that very reason and therefore have no contacts with them to try to help.

    Thankfully you were only playing a free chip and my advice to you is walk away, I do not believe you will get your money. I'm sorry :(
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2016
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  3. Franklin

    Franklin NEW MEMBER

    You'really definitely not alone on this. I received the same offer feom winningbaccarat,and I was able to meet the requirements;but slot inferno and slot nuts refused to pay me,on different occasions...theyou gave the same exact reasons "your winning was invalid because you played other games instead of just Achilles." I try to argue it with them,even sited on the terms and conditions that came with the offer,which clearly stated that one can play any casino slot with it and keep his/her winning,yet they refused paying me.
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  4. Franklin

    Franklin NEW MEMBER

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  5. PMM

    PMM No Deposit Forum Moderator Staff Member

    It is so important to do your homework before playing any casino you don't already know about.

    There really are some bad casinos out there. Slots Inferno is one of them.
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  6. Franklin

    Franklin NEW MEMBER

    I can't agree less.
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