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Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by belgamo, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. belgamo

    belgamo No Deposit Forum Founder

    If a casino did not offer a no deposit bonus, what would make you check out the site?If you liked what you saw , what would determine if you would make a deposit? Features, Bonuses. tournaments, ETC? An online casino has me to ask you. Thanks for your input.
  2. ohbhave


    Personally, I only deposit at casinos where a free chip was given to me first.  The reason being because I won on the free chip and had to deposit to collect.  Either that, or because I had played there once I felt comfortable with the casino enough to start depositing.  I don't see how any casino expects to draw in new depositors without offering a free bonus to try their casino out.  That's my [​IMG]
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  3. thrap


    I totally agree. I joined a land based casino years ago, purely because a friend took me as a guest. I had a great night and so I became a member, simple as that. All the advertising and hype in the world will not attract the majority of people, but I think the try-it- and-see-for-yourself approach does work. A bit like the tiny bits of cheese they tempt you with in supermarkets!At the end of the day, does anyone win vast amounts with the few freebees they give away? And you normally have to deposit anyway to make a withdrawal. Nuff said![​IMG]
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  4. vacant1


    Free chips for signing up [​IMG] matter to me, the playthrough on them is usually ridiculous anyways.  Receiving them for being a loyal member is a different story I think it shows that the casino appreciates your play with them, and those I do enjoy.When I first log on to the site it needs to be easy to navigate and have t&c's readily available for all promotions.  Also 99% of the time if theres no live chat i won't play there.   Bonuses and free spin promotions with a deposit are a big thing for me, because i don't deposit huge amounts at a time.  A variety of deposit and withdrawl methods with quick processing also helps.  If i find that it has all these things I will then google the reputation of the casino and also check it on casinomeister for any postings.Other than that the most important thing is great customer service.  knowledgable and understanding is key. 
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  5. ohbhave


    I think the big question should be:  If not a Free Chip, then what prompts people to deposit at a casino that they've never played at before?
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  6. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    I like to check them out first to see how long my $$$ lasts. I might play if they offered a 100% bonus. I would also maybe play if they were recommened by a reputable source...ie forums or other trusted website.
  7. Chars


    I personally like the dep bonuses over 100%. I would like to see more 200% and higher for your deposit as when yoou first reg with the casinos you usually get good match bonuses then when you are a reg player you get lower bonuses."
    Free spins are good way to start as well, but should be all lines not selected lines only, they would make me want to reg at a casinos if they offered free spins on sign up.
  8. deej


    i don't mind not having a no deposit bonus if i have seen evidence that they pay when u win but i do need a free chip dropped into my account every now and then and good deposit bonuses, i don't always use them but it's nice to see that they are there:)
  9. nonna


    free chips to try are nice and something back when you make deposits a free chip or a surprise in your account is always nice the match offers are nice too but the playthroughs are always pretty high and my luck isn't
  10. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

    free chips are nice, but first deposit match is the best or maybe free spins... i am in love with gowild casino  because after every deposit i have made customer support comes on and gives me from 5 to 7 or 10 free dollars and not just once and that is with only a 20.00 deposit.i have not won anything from them but get a bonus of at least  3o% on every deposit. now that is great customer service.  so it keeps me coming back.if more casinos were like that i would play more often. i know need to win here....lol... but i havent found any casinos playing anywhere including land... i also like that you can turn your loyalty points into computers ipods etc... that is soooo cool....i would play at these more often..also emails from them every week with 7.00 free dollars or free spins.. they know how to keep a customer coming back
  11. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I want to know beforehand how fast the withdrawal process is, if its really fast I am inclined to give it a try!
  12. Felicie


    I deposit at most new casinos - once. But its how they treat me after I deposit that makes me go back or not. I like a little correspondence and to feel like I'm not just throwing dollars into an unmanned pit. And when I lose a bunch I like to have a chip suddenly appear in my account that says ah don't go. Stay a little longer. Sound silly? maybe but thats what brings me back again and again and again. LOL
  13. rebago


    I am not sure I have ever deposited at a casino that did not give me a free chip. Reason being is that after the free chip, I have them downloaded on my computer. I am so lazy that I usually will not download without good incentive and then once it is downloaded, so easy to deposit. Anyway that is not the answer to the question. What would make me deposit without a free chip. It would have to be some awesome intro bonus. Like a crazy one. Like $200 percent plus 50 bucks on top or something. Like right now, I have never deposited at BingoVega but I won a contest there so she said if I deposit she will give me the winnings on top of that. Cool! I am depositing for sure. See what I mean?
  14. Kraziegurl79

    Kraziegurl79 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I don't mind getting a free chip every now and then - especially when I'm broke. But before I put a dime in anything, I have to make sure that the casino is reputable, the customer service is great, and withdrawals will not be a problem.
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  15. Mick114

    Mick114 NEW MEMBER

    On the first question. What I've read on gambling  forums about the casino would make me want to check out a site.Second question.If they had live chat , 1-800 number ,deposit and withdraw options ,free chip ,ecorga seal  , minimum amount  required  for deposit .

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