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my family, the treasures that are worth more than gold

Discussion in 'PHOTOS AND STORIES' started by Chars, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. Chars


    [​IMG]My husband Darrell, the love of my life........[​IMG]My lil fatty bubba, this is Charrell my lil girl last year,...[​IMG]and this is her now.....3 years old[​IMG]we got her name from both mine and darrells name got the CHAR from charmaine and RELL from darrell first four letters of mine and last 4 letters of his lol.[​IMG]This is charrell and chelsea. chelsea is our eldest daughter she is 16. charrell decided to cut her hair and we had to try and fix it, nice job for a 3 yo. lol.[​IMG]Darrell at work this is what he operates, boys toys, big boy toy.
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  2. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    What a beautiful family Chars!! I am so glad you posted your pictures!! Your daughter's haircut is too cute!
  3. Chars


    ty they are my luvs, my daughter chelsea is leaving us she is moving to brisbane in the next month which is ripping me apart be4 christmas but she dont like rules and thinks shes big enough to be on her own and decided to leave home or run away so i cant fight her on it, i know they all grow up and leave home but i think 16 is soo young. she has pay tv well cable to u guys, has the biggest room in the house and her own computer, we give her $100 a week and phone and digi camera and thinks she has it bad lmao."
    Well i wanna see what happens when she realises all things cost money and without parents its a big expensive world."
    my hubby darrell says i give her way too much and this is the only way to teach her values in life make her learn for herself. well charrell keeps me going she is a hand full lol, i will learn from chels and not make the same mistake with charrell i hope."
  4. lyndalou

    lyndalou WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Dear Char and Darrell, Boy your story sounds way too similar to me.  My daughter Stefanie left home when she turned 16 and there was nothing i could do here in the states they are legally allowed not to come home if they don't want to----believe me the amount of phone calls i made to fine out what i could do to change the laws------Anyways, 7 years later, she never did return home, she has now since made me a grandmother and she has a nice apartment about 20 miles from me.....(the miles i have put on my car!)  But I will say I must have done something right in raising here SHE IS A STRONG  determined woman now and she has made me proud....Just this past seekend all 3 came and spent the weekend, was just wonderful......Watching here being a MOM has made me proud.  But in the end there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME .....She told me so! Good luck with everything my heart goes out to you as a mom.....And, LUV the pic's!
  5. Chars


    thankyou lynda i really appreciate your comments and to know i am not the only one i keep thinking why what have we done but i know i did my best and i am a good mother and a good person and i hope i have installed that in her , she is a strong person but i will always worry.
  6. lyndalou

    lyndalou WELL KNOWN MEMBER

  7. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Guest

    Beautiful family!!! Boy, hubby does like BIG boy toys! That thing is HUGE!

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