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MyPaylinQ... its a new online payment processing option i just looked into...

Discussion in 'CURRENT CASH OUT AND WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION' started by unsoughtpoet, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. unsoughtpoet

    unsoughtpoet WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    [​IMG] where I've seen it available as depositing option so far is at several RTG casino's, such as: (inetbet~ betphoenix~ slotsgalore ... ya know,... the repitable ones we love   :) What MyPayLinQ is.... MyPayLinQ offers consumers the ability to obtain an Account instantly. Personal Accounts may be used to: <li style="font-weight:bold;"> Shop online safely and securely where MyPaylinQ is accepted <li style="font-weight:bold;"> Send and receive funds between MyPayLinQ Account Holders <li style="font-weight:bold;"> Protect the security of your credit card and bank account numbers  Account can be funded with the following load mechanisms: <li style="font-weight:bold;"> Major credit cards <li style="font-weight:bold;"> Bank debit cards and pre-paid cards <li style="font-weight:bold;"> Personal checking account <li style="font-weight:bold;"> UKash vouchers (UK and Europe only)   [​IMG][​IMG] SO, here's the important stuff I needed to know ~ ...or the Q & A I had with chat .....  [​IMG] [Launa] a few simple pre registration questions to clear up... :) [CSRep15] Hi Launa, welcome to support [CSRep15] How may I help you? [Launa] hello, I am wondering if there is a min. amount or max for funding it? [CSRep15] The minimum is $25 [Launa] and,... are there any fees associated thru funding and or depositing out of to merchants? [CSRep15] And the maximum per day per transaction is $250 and maximum 2 transactions per day [Launa] ok :) [Launa] and the fee's? [CSRep15] Theres a 6.5% up to 7.5% processor fee [Launa] on outgoing transactions or the fundings? [Launa] r u still there? [CSRep15] There are no fee for movin funds to or from a Merchant [Launa] ok! sounds great! I will be back in the near future when I have the means to fund an account then! ty! in the men time, I will definatly tell others about this new payment option if thats ok? [CSRep15] Please do [Launa] and is it ok to copy paste your terms to a forum i belong to then? [CSRep15] Sure theres no problem with that [Launa] ok then! ty for the info and I am excited to have a new option aval. for my online needs :) [CSRep15] Thank you for visiting our Live Chat Support.  Have a great day. [​IMG][​IMG] and here is the ABOUT US STATEMENT from their site ~~ <table style="width:700px;" >THE BEST MERCHANT SOLUTIONS FOR E-COMMERCE <table style="width:700px;" >Operating under the MyPaylinQ brand, it is our goal to establish an unparalleled level of trust with both consumers and merchants. Servicing our customers with 24/7 world class support in an ultra secure environment will allow MyPaylinQ to quickly become the premier online e-wallet product. We offer an unrivalled portfolio of local payment methods. These methods can be added to or replace the payment methods you currently support.Thanks to 24/7 account management access, you can access your account and change information in your profile at any time of the day or night. Should you need assistance, MyPaylinQ offers live support team members to assist you via live chat, email, or phone. Customer service at MyPaylinQ is top notch. Our customer support team is knowledgeable, responsive, and eager to help. You will find MyPaylinQ to deliver the high quality, security, and convenience you've always wanted in an online banking solution. [​IMG][​IMG] A nd finally, here is MyPaylinQ's TERMS AND CONDITIONS as posted from their site... [​IMG](MY FAVORITE COMPANY DISCLAIMER HERE, LOL, and I quote, : <table style="width:780px;height:79px;" ><table style="width:700px;height:39px;" ><td style="color:#000000
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  2. unsoughtpoet

    unsoughtpoet WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    darn it! where did the second half of my post go??"
    O~well,... here's the address / link... (If this will even work 4 me, lol)"
    and FYI, the quote I had posted...."
    MyPaylinQ is not a subject to banking regulations of any country and is not insured by any government agency. "
  3. cat034

    cat034 KITTY CAT 034

    was there any info on recieving funds if u perhaps cashout ?[​IMG]
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  4. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the info, poet. [​IMG] Stuff we definitely need to know.
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