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Pich that penny till old abe screams!!!!

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by gauge, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. gauge

    gauge NEW MEMBER

    So, I like you all seem to be feeling the pinch (actually more like a headlock) from the economy. So....we, my wife and I (oh and our dog, but he doesnt help with the rent so he doesnt have much of a say in the matter) have decided to turn off the cable and phone. We will be keeping the internet. I may miss my shows...survivor man, anthony bourdane, and just about anything on discovery or history. But I have found a pretty good site. Its called HULU. You might have heard of this. The run is pretty good and the shows arent too bad. (try solitar 3.0) sickly delicious in a Hostile meets the crew of survivor type of way. So fret not, you can still get some mind junk even if your broke.www.hulu.comthanks and good luckj
  2. gauge

    gauge NEW MEMBER

    oh, and its free, if you dont mind 20 second national guard commercials.
  3. Kraziegurl79

    Kraziegurl79 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Thanks, gauge!! I would have to check it out!!<img src="http://www.activeboard.com/emote.img?ID=5598" alt="roll" title="roll" />
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