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RAGING BULL CASINO - new withrawal system

Discussion in 'CURRENT CASH OUT AND WITHDRAWAL INFORMATION' started by luckychick, Mar 22, 2016.

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  1. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    I have always had smooth payouts for over a year at Raging Bull Casino, but recently things have gotten delayed and usual payout protocol has not been followed.

    I had explained to me that RBC has a "new system" for withdrawals and a player won't recieve the normal back to back emails when a payout is AUTHORIZED than PROCESSED.

    Now players receive the standard AUTHORIZED EMAIL but instead of the PROCESSED email coming a minute after, it will come when the money actually hits a player's bank account.

    The old system was so good, and this new one leaves a lot of question marks, as I have currently 3 payouts that I received AUTHORIZED email for days ago.

    Just thought I should give players a heads up and also want to see if any other RBC players are experiencing the same issue?

    Why would Raging Bull change something that worked so well.....if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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  2. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the heads up, luckychick.

    It does make you wonder why the "processed" email comes when it hits the player's bank. Maybe they figure the word "processed" means it has been taken care of, where as players, we think of it as "it's being prepared for payment".

    I wonder if this may cause players to contact support more than usual now asking about their cashout because they don't see that "processed" email.
  3. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Yes, it definitely has because I read two other forums and both have complaints about this on Raging Bull threads. Something just doesn't add up here.....this issue first happened to me on March 6th and now it is happening to my two withdrawal requests made last week on March 16th.

    This "new system" excuse was only brought to my attention by RBC last night, never mentioned at all when trying to figure out why was going on the two weeks prior.

    It is hard to believe that in this age of technology that almost 3 weeks later there are still issues with a payment system at on online casino. The "new system" is company is a bank, as I am told one in South Africa so you would think they have experience with this. Also, depositing and withdrawals are essential to any online casino, so how could Raging Bull not figure this out already is beyond me.

    Why would Raging Bull change a payout system that worked so well? Don't fix it, if it ain't broke....
  4. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Just so it is on public record, here is the email from Dean at Raging Bull assuring me that my payouts were processed last Friday, March 18th; and also assuring me that I would get that money in my bank account this week:

    Message body
    Hey Kate,

    Everything was processed on Friday afternoon, there are banking holidays including today and I can assure you your money will your account during the week.

    Best regards,

  5. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    What is the "issue" exactly?

    All I'm reading is that a second email comes later now.
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  6. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Yes I was wondering the same thing, the "processed" email comes when you get the money now instead of right after the "approved" email. How is that a problem?
  7. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Here is my original complaint I posted on ********

    I have been playing at Raging Bull Casino (RBC) for over 18 months. I had a very good experience at RBC, not perfect but the casino was prompt to address issues and fix them. But the last 6-weeks I have felt that things are slipping at RBC, as they are not following their own rules and giving the run-around, which they never did before.

    I have been a GOLD BULL VIP at RBC for about 2-3 months. That is the second highest VIP tier, as I play a lot and have deposited over $15k. The rules for each VIP level is different, higher level, better terms & conditions. But I have yet to experience any of the GOLD BULL perks at all, and every-time I address these issues on LIVE CHAT...RBC claims that the "concerned department" is closed but they will escalate the issue or they blame a third-party or me.

    Here are the rules for my VIP LEVEL listed on RBC's website:

    -$300 Introductory Gold Bull VIP Tier Chip: 300GOLD
    -Cashout up to 6X on free chips
    -Earn one comp point for every $6 wagered
    -25% Weekly Cashback
    -Access to our Exclusive VIP bonuses
    -24/7 Access to your personal, dedicated VIP Host

    I was told that RBC has a new payout system but first I heard of this was last night. Long time to have issues with payout bank considering type of business this is.
    -Up to $300 free every month
    -At least one successful deposit within a 1-week cycle qualifies you for this bonus
    -Exclusive Birthday and Anniversary Bonuses
    -Maximum Cashout on Deposit Match Bonuses: $20,000 Max Cashout
    -Maximum Weekly Cashout Limit: $5000 per week
    -Default withdrawal pending period: 12 hours

    I have asked to speak to the "24/7 Access to your personal, dedicated VIP Host" but they are not there or don't know what I am referring too or the latest was 2-VIP reps left so they are waiting on new ones.

    The main issue is that not once has a withdrawal had less than a pending period of 12 hours. And my last withdrawal sat in pending for 7-days and when processed it used to be in my bank within 24 hours,, now it is days and $20 short of the amount. And that is after I pay the $45 fee that RBC charges every time a player withdraws. I currently have 2 payouts that have been pending for 3-4 days respectively. I have contacted RBC and the Finance Department is closed, or it is festival season or whatever but they always say it will be escalated to them. This time I got angry cause I want my GOLD VIP perks that RBC wrote the rules for and it is frustrating to be treated worse then the first week I joined.

    So earlier today I noticed the RBC added a forum to the casino for players to post news, winnings, questions, support, complaints etc. So I posted a complaint about this and copy and pasted chat histories (which I have all of if needed) with the bullshit and excuses. When I got on LIVE CHAT after this, the RBC chat rep, Craig, was so understanding and by the end issue resolved and my post on RBC's forum would be deleted.

    I have this entire chat history of how it played out which I will happily post here if need be.

    After receiving the standard AUTHORIZED PAYMENT email from RBC, I went into the cashier and low and behold, both my payouts were still in the "pending" status. So the 12 hours max pending which I Have yet to experience is reaching around 110+ hours and counting.

    Look mistakes happen to all of us at work, but when they become the standard and not the exception that is a HUGE issue. RBC set the rules and terms, not me but they cannot seem to follow them and I don't seem to understand why.

    Why set the rules and give perks to VIP players but don't follow through.

    The last few weeks have been a HUGE headache as I have to contact Raging Bull almost daily asking why they are not following their own T&C. And honestly, I don't fell like a GOLD VIP at all because it all seems to be a bunch of bull.

    I want to know why I was lied to by RBC today about my two current withdrawals. They certainly deleted my forum post fast enough. I guess I came to expect that RBC was not going to be liek too many other online casinos but it seems, sadly that I was wrong.

    I really did not want it to come to this, me having to complain on ******* but I do not know where else to turn, as I want some answers as to what is going on; and help getting the rules followed by this casino.
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  8. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    So this is the real issue at hand ...

    " I currently have 2 payouts that have been pending for 3-4 days respectively. "

    You're looking for your payments, or some indication that they have actually been processed and sent, not the fact that they changed when they send the "processed" email out now.

    Since Dean told you it would be this week, let's wait and see.
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  9. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    Glad I don't play there anymore! I don't like things like this! The 2 RTG's I play at now, pay like they say and in a timely manner!
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  10. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Which two casinos do you play at that are consistent? Thank you.
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  11. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Agreed. I just have a bad taste in my mouth because Raging Bull is not this inconsistent and it is sketchy that this issue has been going on for weeks with a "new system" when this is a casinos job and they should hire third-parties accordingly. Also, the payout process has been solid and timely for over a year so why woudl they mess with it unless this is just to buy them more time.

    Keeping my fingers cross that i am completely being paranoid due to of multiple past issues with other online casinos. So it is understandable that I worry it is.....:bull:

    I will keep you post....obviously. :yourock:
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  12. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Raging Bull is far from "sketchy" about anything.

    I can't help but notice that most the posts you make are about your issues with Raging Bull, I'm just curious why you don't try somewhere else if you are that unhappy?

    I understand you are a Gold VIP there but technically that was an accident and they were kind enough to let you keep the status after they caught the mistake. But you yourself keep saying the status provides you with no benefits as far as you are concerned. Why stay?

    Myself? Raging Bull and their sister casino Grand Fortune are the only two places I am playing right now. Couldn't be happier with them.
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  13. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Sookie -

    Since joining Raging Bull abotu 18 months ago they have always cleared up any issues, which I have appreciated.

    See like many, many other online players, I was screwed over by a few other online casinos because I did not stay on top of things and believed that their intentions were sincere.

    That is why I am a stickler for the rules that Raging Bull Casino set in their terms & conditions, and I do not see why any player should expect any less from the first time they deposit their own money. I have deposited well close to $20k at RBC so I have invested in them.

    I am happy playing at Raging Bull but nothing is worse then when payouts become inconsistent, and if you search other casino forums, there are numerous complaints about RBC recent payout issues. RBC had a consistent and timely payout process that worked.

    The first time this inconsistency happened was with a payout I requested on March 6, just 2.5 weeks ago. I did not complain on any forums, but did let Raging Bull know that I was concerned but was said it was a one time hiccup so let it slide. Now I made 2 payout requests on March 16th and same exact inconsistency is happening and other players are expressing the same thing on other forums as well. So please understand that I expect payout process to follow the rules set by the casino, as in the past when mistakes become the norm and not the exception it is not good.

    Now regarding my GOLD VIP status, you stated, "I understand you are a Gold VIP there but technically that was an accident and they were kind enough to let you keep the status after they caught the mistake."

    I find what you wrote very insulting, and doesn't make Raging Bull look very good. I have the chat's history of when I was told that I was promoted to GOLD from December 23, 2015. I have attached a copy of the chat from that day, and would love to know how it was an accident?!?

    And Sookie, any casino that makes any type of error that happens to benefit a player it is the casino's fault. It is not the player's problem if a casino is disorganized. Any type of business, whether a casino or a regular company would insist that a player/customer keep the elevated status no questions asked because it was their error. And the player should be treated accordingly, period. You make it sound like a player should be grateful or something......think about what you are saying.

    Please see the attachment, and let me know where the mistake was made. Might want to get all the facts before you make accusations, as it felt like you were bullying me to quit RBC when none of this is my fault

    Attached Files:

  14. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Exactly. I just hate when casinos give different excuse and try to act like the player is being crazy.

    Being straight forward is all I ask because when any casino, company or person is not anyone would be skeptical.

    I am not wrong for asking what was promised, nor for consistency in rules that were set by the casino in the first place.
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  15. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    I am certainly sorry you feel that way and of course I wasn't trying to be insulting. As far as me getting my facts straight before I speak, I do. I was simply repeating what you yourself told us shortly after it happened. You said, ...

    "TO make this short....I was promoted to a GOLDBULL VIP by an accident two weeks ago...."

    You can go reread the post you made here:

    And like I said, I was just curious why you stay if you are calling them things like "sketchy" a word I usually save for potentially rogue casinos.

    Sorry if you felt I was bullying you to quit playing there - it is simply not true. Raging Bull is my #1 pick whenever anyone asks me for recommendations regarding where to play, I would never discourage someone from playing there.
  16. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    I think you took what I said out of context, as I was being sarcastic because Raging Bull did try to rescind that the chat rep told me I was made GOLD VIP. RBC won't even tell you what it entails to got from VIP to VIP level, but I have never encountered another GOLD BULL VIP at Raging Bull to this day. Players have posted about it on other forums that they have been SILVER BULL forever.
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  17. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    I appreciate your insight luckychick. :thankyou: I just got a check from another RTG and it took 5 days! Love that!
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  18. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Raging Bull Casino did not pay me yet, and my 3 withdrawals remain in the cashier as "pending" even though Dean guaranteed that I would have the money by today in my bank account.

    On the advice of my bank, I asked Dean for copies of the Transfer Wire Receipts as these confirmations are a worldwide industry standard for all banks. The moment the sender approves money to be wired, a WTF is sent to the them without fail. That is how banks track wires all over the world.

    These WTF's ALWAYS initiated when sent, and Raging Bull is not claiming that it is when the money hits the receivers account. My bank, which is top three biggest in the world, said if money is wired with no WTF on file, it would be an illegal wire.

    I emailed this to Dean at 8:46am this morning to explain this, and he replied the following:


    Message body
    Hey Kate,

    I will need to chat to the guys in order to get me an MT103 (trace file) for you.

    Best regards,


    Dean has not contacted me again, he has been ignoring me.

    I have emailed Dean two more times asking for these traces, and gone on LIVE CHAT twice askingwhere Dean was. Karine disconnected from me....and Malccolm told me to email Dean and he would "reply quickly." That was 2 hours ago and nothing.

    Something with the timeline of my last payout and my current with RBC is not following proper protocol, like the casino always did before like clockwork.

    Jason, nor Dean will tell me how this "new system" is or will be benefiting players because it they are off to a horrid start, and no company would stay in business if this is how they operate.

    I was still charged the $45 fee for each of my three payouts, as I did not combined cause I was afraid to cancel with how the system is now. In the past I would be charged one fee for payouts made the same day. And payouts used to be 2-3 days without fail, the order and timing of emails never left me questioning status of my withdrawal, like it does now. The payouts are now taking weeks, not days.

    What topped things off for my suspicions was receiving two separate, private messages on other forums from two former RBC players warning me that Dean and Jason are the same person. One said that Dean lies all the time but hand out abundance of bonuses so players kiss their butts. And he also siad to read through the RBC forum posts and it is clear that Jason dodges questions and changes reasons for same issues when dealing with different players. So I went back to read some of RBC's older forum chats, and it is very true that but happens on different forums, but same issue and dates.

    I am just very discouraged because Jason wrote to me on a another forum yesterday "THAT HE BACKS DEAN 100% WHEN HE SAYS SOMETHING, IT WILL GET DONE." This message was deleted today, I presume by Jason because who else could remove other users posts?!?
  19. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    ALSO.....JASON made a forum the rep lock the thread about Raging Bull payout issues until he gets back next week.

    Here is the link, as this forum thread is interesting. Jason is very accusatory to me, and trying to make like RBC is so innocent.
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  20. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    After reading over the thread at LCB (a competitor, mind you), I feel the need to first, kill your link to LCB and second, lock this thread also since you and the casino reps are sorting this out. I do not want what can be seen in this thread as "bashing" either.

    We stand behind the RB group as an honorable group and if they are having "hiccups" at the moment, they must be given a chance to work them out.

    I will leave this thread open for your reply, luckychick. After that, I will lock it.
  21. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    I am not quite sure why you feel I am "bashing" Raging Bull Casino?

    What about finding out why Raging Bull is making promises they can't keep to players who take them at their word?

    As you said, Raging Bull is having hiccups but why do the players have to suffer due to their inefficiency?

    It is not as if RBC waived the $45 payout fees to compensate for the weeks of long of delays and confusion.

    Bottom line is Raging Bull is responsible to do their due diligence if switching to a new processor, and reality is players should not be effected by it at all.

    In business, when things go wrong, customers (or players) want their problems solved quickly. Nobody want to hear excuses or who’s to blame or why it happened, customers/players just want it fixed fast.

    If you say you’re a plumber, then the customer expects you to fix their leaking pipe. If you say you’re an accountant, then they expect you to resolve their tax details. If you run an online casino, then players expect you to be efficient and timely with their money whether it is going in or coming out of the casino.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that players don’t want to jump through hoops to get their problems fixed or questions answered.

    I expect Raging Bull to deliver on their promise, or else they should not make them in the first place.

    My frustration stems from the discontinuity between the expectation of a service interaction, and what’s actually delivered.

    It is not fair to let RBC get away with making empty assurances to any player, and then not to respond when the player is rightfully upset.

    So, my question is why are you defending RBC and not me, when I was lied too?
  22. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Trust me...all I want to do is work this out but Raging Bull is not cooperating but instead blowing it off and telling me that I have had 26 successful withdrawals. So am I supposed to feel grateful that they did their job by paying me?
  23. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Mben had an appointment and will be back later, I have killed the LCB link and locked the thread as she said she would do once you replied luckychick. I am sure she will reply when she returns.
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  24. JasonFTA


    Hi Guys,

    Long time no chat...... My apologies for only popping in now. Why did I not receive email notifications regarding these posts? If I received notification, then I could have come to our defense and nip this topic in the bud?

    This is ridiculous, we have explained the situation over and over on all different sites and are still going around in circles. Dean has spoken to luckychick and even furnished her with screen shots to prove payment was made. THERE IS NO REASON FOR US TO SLOW PAY THE WITHDRAWAL!!! The funds have left our bank account and it is out of our control. Bottom line, our t's and c's state wire transfers could take up to 5 to 10 working days to reflect. There are not time frames set by us. Ideally we would like players to receive their winnings asap, but this is out of our control.

    Hopefully there will not be such a delay moving forward. I hope that we can bring finality to this issue now.


    Best Regards
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  25. Sookie

    Sookie Mother of Cats

    Thanks for answering @Jason - I know you have been away on holiday. We appreciate you responding the moment you returned. One of the reasons you may not have been getting notifications for this thread is no one had tagged you by name in it as I just did in this post I'm writing now. An oversight on my part I apologize.
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
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  26. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    First of all....Dean never sent me screen shots of anything!!!
  27. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Sookie -

    This issue is NOT resolved as I still have not received my winnings from RBC and I requested the withdrawals on March 16.

    1 - Jason has not answered as to when this "new system" will be fixed? Isn't it the job of the processor to know how to deal send wire transactions? I would hope so....

    2 - Also, I would like to know what RBC has changed the GOLDBULL VIP perk of pending payouts from under 12 hours to making it 48-72 hours?

    My payout should have come last week....and I believed Dean when when he emailed assuring me it would.

    If Jason is telling the truth....send me the screenshots, as if they said they sent the email with them, re sending it will take all of 5 seconds.
  28. luckychick

    luckychick Banned


    This issue has NOT been resolved.

    Would you mind re-sending me these alleged screenshots that I have NEVER seen, please?

    Seeing the screenshots of the Wire Transfer Receipts would help BIG TIME, but since I have never received any email from Dean, I have no idea what you are talking about in your post.
  29. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    Jason -

    Would you mind please re-send the email of screen shots to prove payment was made that Dean had?

    This would solve the thread and let me show my bank the Wire Transfer info....I never got anything from Dean and I told him this on the phone early this afternoon too. I asked him to resend...he never did and it re-sending an email takes 2 seconds.

    Thank you in advance....as I greatly look forward to seeing these screenshots!!!!!!
  30. luckychick

    luckychick Banned

    JasonFTA wrote in his post about, "Dean has spoken to luckychick and even furnished her with screen shots to prove payment was made."

    I just got an email from Dean, there are not such screen shots of proof of payment. Very disappointing as I keep getting told things by Raging Bull Casino that are untrue to discredit my credibility.
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