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Tropica Casnino Cashout policy...

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by Pete, May 26, 2011.

  1. Pete


    Hey guys - I'm new to the forum so forgive me if this is old/nonsense ;) but... I am currently having a less than positive experience with Tropica.  I originally played on a $500 free chip and enjoyed the game, but quickly realised the bonus' were good for nothing except getting to know the game (the max cashout/playthroughs are always ridiculous).  After familiarizing myself with a few slots, I deposited $50 a couple of times, won a little, lost it all again, had a good time etc.  Then, a week ago, I put in $50 and was lucky enough to turn it into $250ish.  I decided I'd break even - withdraw $200 and keep the $50ish for a few small stake sessions...all very good right?I set up a Neteller account to accomodate a withdrawl, even deposited another $50 to make sure the account was working fine.  All good.  I tried to withdraw $200 - wait a few days - nothing.  I contact Tropica, and get a reply requesting that I now have to provide two seperate forms of ID, scanned and sent to them before the withdrawl is authorised.I don't have a scanner.  I don't particularly want to send them copies of my passport, credit card and household bills.  I'm not even sure if I trust these guys anymore?I've been in touch with customer service, who have eventually replied with nothing more than further requests for 3 forms of ID.  I've chatted to customer support guys online, but just been stonewalled.  They won't tell me why they require no ID to deposit, but ID to withdraw.  The way it seems to me, this is - at best - an example of very poor customer service, and worst, an attempt to rip me off of money and ID?  Can anyone help by at least reassuring me it's not the worst? Thanks guys, Pete  
  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    That's with any online casino!! You ALWAYS have to provide proofs!!
  3. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hi Pete:Welcome to the No Deposit Forum.As far as your post goes, just as kitty stated, very simply, proofs are always asked for and needed from  the casinos in any withdrawl.This is how they verify you are who you say you are. They verify your address matches the one you listed when signing up.  A utility bill, and Drivers license is the easiet way to do that for them. Many casinos even ask for the credit card you used front and back.I have emailed in my proofs to plenty of casinos to verify withdrawls.So go ahead, send in your proofs, so that they may authorize your withdrawl.  If you dont, you wont see a penny I'm afraid.  They must have those proofs.Please let us know how the withdrawl turns out for you.I hope this was helpful.                                                                                     Pam                                                                                             Pam
  4. Pete


    Hey guys :)  Thanks for the reply. At least I can submit the proofs in reasonable confidence now, though I still maintain that it's a very dodgy system that seems to be in place as much to discourage withdrawl as for customer protection.  If it really is for security purposes, then ID should be required upon deposit, but that would - i'm sure - discourage people from signing up, and so it miraculously isn't required.  I also have fraud protection on my account as i'm sure many people do now, and everytime a deposit is made to a gambling site i get a message telling me, so i really do think the protection bit is a smokescreen....After all, what kind of Internet criminal follows the playing pattern i've outlined above?  Only a very, very rubbish one.  They know i'm legit, and they didn't even care when i was losing!!!  It's not illegal, but it is immoral in my opinion and all i can do is exercise my freedom of choice and not play again.Personally, I'll be giving in this once (they're not having my money!!!), providing ID (which is gonna be a real pain to scan/fax/whatever), and then NEVER signing up to another casino that operates like this.  If anyone is interested, PKR has an admitedly limited Casino facility, but i've never been required to provide copies of ID or anything like that, so there must be others.Thanks again for your help guys :)xxx
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This proof system is used by many organisations, not only casinos. I know from my own experience. This is annoying sometimes but serves as an additional guarantee...

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