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Understanding deposit bonuses and the corresponding play through requirements (Belgamo or Mben please read)

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by vsleepy22, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. vsleepy22

    vsleepy22 NEW MEMBER

    Hi allI usually do not use the deposit bonuses offered by most casinos any more because the first time I used a bonus I had experienced hitting a $1200 win with my second spin playing slots, but could not cash-out until I played through the addtional requirements, and by that time I barely reached minimum cash-out limit; I had similar experiences after that first time and at some point decided to take my gamble with money that had no restrictions; this has proven to be a good decision ever since.I am not sure if anybody has seen and used the no deposit offers from BigWin21 casino; it is not the no deposit bonus we all know and love, instead it is a 2 part bonus. The first part of the bonus requires that you play through so many times the value of the free bonus dollars; you get 60 minutes. After one hour, whatever is left after play through go towards the part two of the bonus. In order to play part two of the bonus, you must deposit $25. I played through about a month ago and the second part of the bonus offer is still in my account at the cashier among other bonus offers. It says Get $155 with your deposit of no less than $25. I decided to see what the additional requirements are for this bonus so that I can make an informed decision about taking on part two vs a different deposit offered.I contacted Live Chat and had the following conversation:please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'paul' paul: Hi paul: How may I help you please ? sleepyshepherd: I have a question about the bonuses available to me - hello yourself paul: Yes please go ahead sleepyshepherd: I do not understand how the two part bonus can be called a gift or free? I have a bonus that will give me an additional $155 with a $25 deposit, it has a 40x play through requirement sleepyshepherd: but there is also a bonus offer for 351% for the same deposit and the play through is the same 40x so how is the former bonus a greater gift? paul: Yes let me explain you sleepyshepherd: okay paul: If you want to claim the secondary level then you can cashout primary winning + deposit after completing the playthrough condition which is 40 X, you can cashout whatever you did have last time while you complete the primary level condition paul: but in 351% you can cashout 3 x bonus + deposit paul: So secondary option could be better option for you if you really want to continue the secondary one sleepyshepherd: what do you mean I can cahout whatever I had last time then continue on with secondary. Do you mean that after playing $155 40x through I can cashout, but can continue with the secondary part my $25 deposit? How can that work? and the 351& is only 3x playthrough? paul: And you will get $155 + your deposit to start playing the secondary level paul: You can cashout primary win + deposit after completing the playthrough in secondary sleepyshepherd: Let me put it this way 1555+25=180 I would have to playthrough that 40x in order to withdraw paul: 310.59 is your primary winning paul: I lost you sleepyshepherd: It says $155 sleepyshepherd: I am very lost paul: 1555+25=180 ? sleepyshepherd: I meant 155+25 paul: 310.59 is your primary winning paul: You can cashout primary wining + deposit paul: After completing the playthrough in secondary level sleepyshepherd: It says 155 on your next deposit of $25 paul: That's the bonus you will get to start playing the secondary sleepyshepherd: So I get $155 plus the $25 to play with right? paul: Yes sleepyshepherd: Next I play through the $155+$25 = $180 40x paul: Nope paul: 40 x bonus paul: It's mean 40x155 sleepyshepherd: One step at a time like a 5 year old paul: lol sleepyshepherd: And then where does 310 and change come from paul: That has already got transferred to the secondary sleepyshepherd: I cannot accept a bonus that I may find out later that I misunderstood sleepyshepherd: what do you mean by it has already transferred to secondary? All I see is you will receive 155 with a 25 bonus paul: You have to win the secondary level paul: to cashout the primary winning sleepyshepherd: Is the 351% with $25 deposit have only a play through requirement of 3x sleepyshepherd: I still do not understand what you mean when you say that. Are you saying that I already won $310 that I can withdraw once I playthrough the $155 bonus plus the $25 deposit 40 times? paul: I don't know what you want ? paul: Sorry I was in call paul: If you deposit 25 and claim 351% then then you have wager 40x sleepyshepherd: I am going to the forum and ask the mediator to explain then I will come later when I understand - again what are playthrough requirements for the 351% with $25 deposit? paul: 40x sleepyshepherd: Okay I am going to print this chat and get help with explanation, thank you for your effort. paul: Good luck sleepyshepherd: thanks Can anyone, anyone at all explain to me what the heck the second part of this bonus requires before cash-out, and where the $310 plays in with if at all to the $155 added to my deposit in part two? Thanks :question:     -- Edited by PMM2008 on Saturday 24th of November 2012 09:35:43 AM
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  2. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    RE: Understanding deposit bonuses and the corresponding play through requirements

    Your post has been received , and I have read thru the chat.I prefer to let Mben or Belgamo answer this for you as you have asked for their help, and they are the experts on this sort of thing.I do not play RIVAL, and therefore have not experienced the 2 part bonus and its requirerments.Please be patient while we wait for Mben or Belgamo to try to expalin this procedure to you.Thanks so much.                                                                                                                 Pam
  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Let me see if I can break this down for you, vsleepy. 1. The 351% Bonus ............... 351% times $25 is $87.75. After playing the bonus + deposit ($112.75) through the required 40 times ($4510), you can only cashout 3 times the bonus + deposit ($112.75) which is $338.252. The Secondary Bonus ............. Basically, what the rep was trying to tell you is that after you play the secondary bonus (whether it's $155 or the $310.59 as the rep stated which would be something you would have to find out for sure yourself because I can't see your account to tell you which it really is and what he is talking about) + deposit the required 40 times, you do not have a cashout restriction of 3 times the bonus + deposit. As he mentioned ..... paul: but in 351% you can cashout 3 x bonus + deposit versus paul: You can cashout primary wining + deposit. paul: After completing the playthrough in secondary level . He does not mention a maximum cashout on the secondary bonus. Both have the same playthrough amount (40 times) but one comes with a maximum cashout restriction and the other does not. That is why he suggested the secondary bonus would probably be better for you. Now granted, the 40 times playthrough on the 351% bonus + deposit is a heck of a lot lower than the playthrough on the secondary bonus (whether it is $155 or $310) + deposit, BUT there is no max cashout which is something to really consider. What if you hit a jackpot playing the 351% bonus and could not bring it all home? But on the other hand, what if you never make the 40 times playthrough on the secondary bonus that could be over $13,000 if the $310.59 is the correct amount that the rep told you. I hope this makes sense and if not ..... well, that's the best I can do to decipher it all. lol (seriously, let me know if you need more help :wink:)

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