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Vegas Trip!!

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Norleen8, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Norleen8


    Hello my friends here at the best No Deposit Forum I have ever been a member of on the web!!!The trip to Vegas that I won via~Belgamo was FABULOUS!!! Ceasars Palace along with Belgamo were the most generous and friendly casino/hotel reps that I have yet encountered!Belgamo you are absolutely amazing and I don't know how the hell you keep one day and night to the next sorted out. You are a very busy man!! Dinner at the Aria was delicious!! Thank you again!! We really enjoyed the trip and it was much needed! Jackie and I went there with little or no expectations and you exceeded that to say the least!After meeting up with Bel the first time at Ceasars the first night he informed me that whomever was backing him with this trip had actually pulled out and I just looked at him and he said yeah which means that he was footing the bill for the trip. I didn't know what to say except that I would have understood had he wanted/needed to also cancel. He then very confident and affirmative said I could not let that happen! Which of course myself and Jackie (my girlfriend and guest) were even more greatful to be there! And not only did Bel pick up the tab for the airfare and hotel regardless of if he used loyalty/gift vouchers they were earned by him spending I am sure quite a bit of $$$ in his travelings. Which brings me to thank Belgamo yet again for having such a generous and sincere hand that which to his surprise having the airfair not be as costly as he had planned it to be since I am only about a hour and maybe ten minutes to fly to Vegas from Salt Lake City airport.... CHECK THIS OUT!!! Due to events in my life that happened beyond my control I went to Vegas with the bare minimum amount of money between Jackie and myself which I had expressed to Belgamo in one of our first chats on the phone. Well, Belgamo gave us like $240.00 to gamble with or whatever while we were there!!!! How freakin awesome is that???? I know right!!!! THANK YOU BELGAMO!!!! We had a great time and like I said if your ever within a short drive from where I am, please look me up I would love to have drinks or dinner or even just get some tips on the land based casinos on these parts. Oh and I am sure Michele and Pam your wondering how we did or what we played????? Well after Bel had to take off to his next adventure Jackie and I played some slots for a little bit, I sat at a penny machine called Lightning 7's cuz I just had that feeling (ya know) well I kept hittng $10.00 after $10.00 then the $20.00 a few times then the $100 jackpot. :0) Mind you this was about midnight and our plane landed at about 8 A.M. and needless to say the cocktail waitress started bringing us White Russians back to back so yeah I was feeling no pain and having a great time. Well we called it a night and went up to the room and passed out got up the next day went to go have a bite to eat across the street from the Palace and I put $20.00 in the same machine and was not playing max credits of only $1.25 and then after about the 4th spin I took it up to max and HELLO JACKPOT!!!! Yes indeed I hit the $1,000.00 jackpot on the same machine!!! I knew it was coming on that machine don't know how but I did. :bigclap::bigclap::bigclap::bigclap::bigclap::bigclap::bigclap::bigclap: Well NDF, I will try to load some pics. Thanks for everything Belgamo you are the BEST!!!! I am so glad that you didn't back out of this because it was a much needed get away!!! Take care and keep in touch! Much Respect and Loyalty to NDF, Norleen :yourock:
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  2. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    WTG and Congrats on your 1G win. How exciting. Sounds like you had loads of fun!!! Yeah, Bel is certainly a wonderful, fair and generous person, to say the least!!!! Will be looking forward to seeing the pictures!!
  3. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hi Norleen:Wow, what a time you had in Vegas. Winning some cash, having some drinks, dinner, and a great ol'e time for sure. Vegas is an amazing place, and I cant wait to go back myself on of these days.When you mentioned what Belgamo did, it made my heart ache in a good way. People like Belgamo and his generosity and kindness just arent seen in todays world like it used to be.  Hats off to Belgamo for his amazing acts of kindness. May it come back to him 110%.I cant wait to see pics of your trip. Thanks so much for posting.Remember: What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas......:lol:                                                                                      Pam
  4. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Norleen, thank you so much for sharing! It sounds like Belgamo treated you and Jackie like royalty which is in his nature. I have known and worked with Belgamo for 4 years now and he has been nothing but the best and I am glad he was able to extend that to a forum member. It brings us all a little bit closer, I think. :roll:I'm happy that you got the getaway that you needed and made a bit of money too. Congrats on your jackpot! That's too awesome! :bigclap:If you need help uploading the pictures, let me know. I'll give you a hand. Again, thank you for sharing! [​IMG]
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  5. lynda1951

    lynda1951 NEW MEMBER

    wow congrads
  6. Arnold31

    Arnold31 Banned

    Thanks for sharing your emotions with us. I feel like I was in Vegas with you)

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