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We Need Your Feedback!

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by Mben, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Hi everyone!We here at the No Deposit Forum need some feedback from all of you.  We are looking at many different aspects of the forum and feel the need for some changes but we need your input. We are looking for more member participation in all forums of the No Deposit Forum.If you are a guest or a newly signed up member or even a long time member who has not participated in a discussion or two yet, what would make you more comfortable with joining?Please let us know your thoughts for improvement, member participation and whatever else comes to your mind. Here is a small list that you can start off commenting about but feel free to add your own comments, suggestions, etc. 1. What needs to go away?2. What needs to be added?3. What types of contests you would like to see and would participate in?4. Are the mods doing their jobs to the best of their ability?5. What types of offers would you like to see more of?6. What types of offers would you like to see less of? :thumb:  Remember, this is your forum. Without you, there would be no forum.   :yourock: 
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  2. kelwil


    I am not sure what needs to go away. I am just always look for a free chip now and then. Which seems harder to find. I think the moderators are doing a great job. Everyone always seems helpful and ready to answer questions. Bel has also gone to bat for a few folks which I think is really great. They probably would'nt have recieved their money had he not. I know this is'nt very helpful. But thats my two cents!! hahakelwil
  3. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

     He appreciate your two cents very much. :roll::roll: You are more than welcome to put down any and all comments in this thread about how you feel concerning the forum.Glad to know you are happy here, and we so appreciate you being a member.                                                                                            Pam
  4. PSP

    PSP Ruler of Western Civilization's Geeky Nerds

    (I'm not sure if you wanted the comments listed here or PM'd to you, but I'll start the ball rolling here)I'll apologize in advance for not participating enough.Oh, wait ... maybe I should have made that  too much :thumb:1. WHEW! The first time I glanced at this one, I thought it said WHO needs to go away :surprise:I thought it was time to throw PSP under the bus ... AGAIN!I'm going to answer 1 & 2 together - I think the website is fine just the way it is. The problem isn't the website - it's the industry. Everything that we took for granted for years has been turned upside down by the US Dept of Justice. If you are a player living in the US, you honestly have no idea what is going on today, tomorrow, next month. It used to be that winning was the toughest thing to do. Not anymore - getting paid is usually as tough if not tougher than winning - and I don't think that there's really much you can do about it.We all know that this will get resolved sooner than later because there is too much potential revenue in this for the government to ignore or completely cut off. In the meantime, I wouldn't make wholesale changes.It is a little tough hearing about how much fun some players are having playing at casinos that US players can't play at anymore... but I wouldn't change anything there.3. Contests - I LOVE the Where's Waldo contests - IMO, they don't even need a cash prize. Even something silly like a badge or a ribbon for your avatar would be plenty for me. An NDF t-shirt would be a GREAT prize :thumb:(...and maybe even some for sale too :metal:)One small thing that does bug me a little about most of the contests - what's the name of the website? (No Deposit Forum) What do you need for the VAST majority of the contests? That's right - a deposit :weird:I understand why, but hopefully you get what I mean...4. Are you kidding me? Neither one has come over and cooked, cleaned, done laundry for me or ANYTHING! Oh, wait - you want a SERIOUS answer? OF COURSE they are both competent, nice, friendly, engaging, etc. without being overbearing(even if they don't always understand or appreciate my warped humor). That can and has become a problem on some of the other sites that I hang out on. Honestly, you couldn't ask for better - well, you could ask, but you won't find a better combination anywhere.(Turning off a$$ kiSSing mode now ...)5 & 6 go together like 1 & 2 do. I'd like to see more current player no deposit offers, but that's about as likely now as getting a pony for Christmas - at least until the USDOJ stops pooping on our fun. Once things are regulated by the US government here, the floodgates of freebies for current players will open again with all of the sites competing for our action. In the meantime, we'll just enjoy what we get and be happy for the little freebies that new players get and sit patiently on the sidelines waiting for our turn.OK - one thing that would be fun to add would be a funny money bookie site like vBookie on vBulletin sites. Start everyone off with $1,000 in funny money and give them $X for every post that they make, then let them wager it on all sorts of things - football, World Series, soccer, Oscars, who will win elections, etc with odds for each outcome. The Fantasy Football is (somewhat) popular, but adding things like who will win the Academy Award for best picture or who will win American Idol - that kind of stuff.Anoither kind of fun activity (in a perverted sort of way) is a Ghoul Pool contest. You have to pick 3 celebrities that you think have a chance of dying in the next calendat year. You get points based on their age (80 years old gets fewer points than a 30 year old) with points deducted for major issues (history of drug abuse, cancer, etc)I'll stop for now - I hope that this primed the pump for other comments
  5. jheckrocks

    jheckrocks WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    [​IMG]  I wouldn't mind if I knew more of the casinos that have flash.  I choose not to go with a Windows backward built at this time.     Would like to say you are all doing a great job to make people to feel welcome and to help.  If I haven't been around it is nice to see people that are still around.  Thanks for all the help!  :roll:
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  6. Gilfy41


    I do enjoy the forum everyone is so friendly and it helps alot when you want to find things out about different Casino's, and the free chips are awesome just to add.  I haven't been on regularly like I use to my job is getting in the way lol. Its nice come on the forum just to see the excitement of winning screen shots, the help that you get from the discussions and the moderators are great in helping with questions and problems that might have happened, they do go to bat alot for us. :yourock: I hope this feed back helpsDee <3 
  7. tmr315

    tmr315 NEW MEMBER

    Love the contesys and updates!!!
  8. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Thanks everybody who has left feedback so far for us to read and take note of.The kind words mean so much, and sounds like many of you are quite happy with our forum here. Thats great to hear. :roll: If you have not left comments or suggestions yet, feel free to do so now.  This is your time to let us know how you feel things are going here at No Deposit Forum.Appreciate any and all feedback.                                                                                 Pam
  9. Brenda777


    I think you all are awesome and I wouldn't change a thing, will say I do love the where are we contests, really fun!!!Thank you all for everything you do!Brenda
  10. crazysider69

    crazysider69 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    For starters the mods are awesome . They all have done their best to make things right and very efficent at it too.Thank you for all the hard work you do.More contests would be nice love the ones you have and had. I miss the slot tournys not sure if you could get an rtg site to sponsor any but that would  be heaven.Love this forum best out there :yourock::bigclap:
  11. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    These comments about the forum and mods make me really smile gang........:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:

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