Slot Overview

Today I checked out the new WGS progressive slot game called Mine All Mine. The new slot was just released and from the looks of it, it’s going to be pretty popular game.

First off, the name doesn’t give you a clue as to what the theme of the game is. Ok well, maybe some of you figured it out just from the name. The theme of the game is that of old time mining. When you look at the symbols, you’re taken straight back into the good ol West when gold mining was all the rage. Gold nuggets, an old miner, a silly looking donkey wearing a miner’s hat, gold mines, mine cars sitting on tracks and all the high cards from a deck of cards are seen throughout the reels. The reels are sitting on a background of a gold mine.

Mine All Mine does have a bonus round and a progressive jackpot feature. The bonus round is another free spins feature. 10 free games are handed out when it is hit. So I continue spinning my way through the mines and ended up hitting a bonus round. Yeehaw! I hit it when three of the old miner symbols landed in my reels. So when that happened, I was awarded 10 free games. After each spin, the minor was suppose to appear (if I was lucky) and throw some dynamite on any symbols in reels 2, 3 & 4. The dynamite would then explode turning that symbol it lands on into a gold nugget. That happened during some of my free spins. The wins were paid after any symbols turned into a gold nugget which increased my bank nicely.

The cool feature about the new game is it is a progressive slot. So what that means is randomly at the end of any of my games, the Mine All Mine progressive feature can be triggered. If I actually landed in the progressive round as I was playing, I would have been able to choose a lever to send the wild miner down a mine car track. The first three tracks the award credit prizes. The fourth track awards one of the three progressive prizes. My odds of triggering the progressive round have went up if I would have upped my bets but being the cheapskate that I am, I never wagered too high. But hey, that’s a great way to get other players to increase their bets. Not me though. I just stuck with the minimum bet of 25 cents.

Basically that’s the game in a nut shell. Oh, before I forget, the animation is pretty awesome compared to the other games in the WGS library of slots. There’s a whole lot of things blowing up and shaking going on. The audio fits well with all the graphic animation too.

Mine All Mine can be played at all WGS casinos. My test run was at Miami Club.

Happy mining!