Slot Overview

Monty Python is back in a new slot game called Spamalot! Spamalot will whisk you away to the era of Medieval England as you spin your way through this hilarious and comical slot game. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines that will deliver Holy Grail jackpots and a whole slew of other features and bonus rounds!

The Wild will substitute for all symbols in the new slot to create winning jackpots except for the Scatter, Jackpot Game symbol and the Bonus symbol.

When three or more Scatters appear anywhere in the reels of this slot machine, 10 free games are granted to the noble player. The Free Spins have random wilds which highly increase the chances of payouts!

There are 4 Bonus Rounds or games that can be played Spamalot and are launched in this order … Storm the Castle, None Shall Pass, Knights Who Say Ni and Killer Rabbit. The Bonus Rounds are triggered when the Bonus symbol appears in reels 1 and 5.

Storm the Castle Bonus – Choose a spot to place the knights outside the castle in hopes that they do not get shot with a cow shot from the castle. The bonuses ends if the knights get hit and a cash prize is won if the cow misses.

None Shall Pass Bonus – Cut off a limb of the black knight and win a prize. Every time you miss, the multiplier drops by one.

Knights Who Say Ni Bonus – 5 knights demand “shrubbery” and you must choose which house lies the “shrubbery” to win a cash prize.

Killer Rabbit Bonus – A killer rabbit is out to keep 6 knights from passing. Choose a rock and try to kill the rabbit. If he is killed, then the knights will pass and you will win a prizes for all that passed. If the rabbit is not killed with the first attempt, the knight is killed and you will have to choose another rock that will be used in a second attempt to kill the rabbit. As more rocks are chosen, the chances for large payouts drops so one will want to kill the rabbit sooner rather than later in this bonus game.

When 5 Jackpot game symbols appear in the reels of this video slot, players have the chance to play the Holy Grail Jackpot game. You are presented with different items to choose from that sit on a hill. If a cash prize is won, then you will move to the next row and choose again. If a “collect” is chosen, the bonus round will end. If you are worthy and choose all 5 items correctly and make it to the 6th item, it is possible to win either the Holy Grail Jackpot or in Monty Python fashion, the Slightly Less Holy Grail Jackpot

Monty Python fans and followers can play the most entertaining Spamalot online slot game at Playtech’s Omni Casino.