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Hysterical Pictures....


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Cats getting on kitchen counters is disgusting. My cat has never because he learned at a very young age that he'd run out of lives quickly if he even thought about jumping on any of my counters.

And my cat is an a$$hole. He doesn't swat me in the face when he wants to be fed in the morning, he literally pounces on me multiple times until I get up to fix his wet food for him. The fat cow has a full bowl of dry food 24/7. Just eat that, Charlie, and leave me alone! He's soooo annoying! I have a love/hate relationship with him.
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Out driving minding my own business, and then this ...

Seriously? o_O

For you non-Spanish speaking peeps ... "sacate las chichis" loosely translates to "take out the boobs" :eek:

Now I've Seen It All :rolleyes:
Only In Tucson :oops:

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