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Maybe my luck has changed!


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The local NBC affiliate has a half hour show after Sunday Night Football. The hosts are snarky (appropriately so) and the female host is clearly a bimbo (duh!), but the show is entertaining when nothing else is on. They have 3 trivia questions during the program - no need to get the right answer, just click on an answer online after you register and you MIGHT win a prize. First question gets 4 tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood, 2nd question gets a pair of Van's that you can customize, and the 3rd question gets you a 50"Westinghouse HD Roku TV.

I registered at the beginning of the season and tried to win - yeah, like that was going to happen. Last night was the final show of the season. First question - no PSP. Second question - no PSP. Shockingly, the 3rd question came up, then they went to commercial. When they came back, the bimbo announced that PSP (she actually said my real name) had won the 50" TV! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I just called the station because I hadn't heard anything. Apparently the guy who handles this is out this week, so I won't get the verification until next Monday, but I am good with that!
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