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PartyCasino - Cunning to avoid paying full

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by morryme1, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. morryme1

    morryme1 NEW MEMBER

    Hi, Hello,my casino user: morryme1     in partycasino.com I'v always been a loyal player in their casino and kept risking my moneyeven AFTER the issue of the non full payment from  their side a year ago. Here are the facts of my case.On Jan 2nd,2011 I made a deposit $332 after claiming your 50% ongoing bonus (an offer which I received by invatation to my email )with my total balance of $498 I played in  allowed games, and fully COMPLETED the bonus obligations and reached total $10928 winnings , which I then withdrawed ( after I  also checking the bonus meter to make sure it's OK to cashout )For some reason, Party casino decided not to honor my winnings and pay my fair and lucky winnings to me. After I submited many complaints and asked help from casinomeister and askgamblers, which I prooved my case and fairness of my winnings, they decided to pay my winnings after their senior manager called me and spoke with me on the phone and convinced me that I should accept only to be paid with $7670since I felt I had no choice, I accpeted the deal he told me on the phone and I closed successfully all the complains I submited against their casino since I felt I should be fair and update all the complaints status since I were paid with most of my winnings.The remaining of my winnings, total of $3258 were deducted from my winning .After I shared recently my case again with online forums I understood that the casino's behavior were UNFAIR and very very ODD.My eyes were cleared that the casino has treated my winnings not as good faith and abused my Innocent by not paying me in full my winnings.(I really was naive )I therefore, contacted the partycasino support and payment dept over a week ago with a request to pay my remaining winning by checking again my game play - ALL MY EMAILS WERE FULLY IGNORED!I definitely think this casino uses a kind of ruse and cunning to deceive me! I do not understand how could it be licensed casino site could behave so and take advantage of my innocence by a phone call and persuasion to accept only part of my huge win . It's just abuse their part!I hope you can helpthank you muchMaliheh     
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  2. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hello new member:Welcome to No Deposit Forum. First off, other No Deposit Forum Admin will have to read this post and I will consult with them on what to do.A red flag that comes to me right away is this...... I accpeted the deal he told me on the phone and I closed successfully all the complains I submited against their casino since I felt I should be fair and update all the complaints status since I were paid with most of my winnings. You have already accepted a deal with the casino, in turn, they closed the case on it. Highly unlikely they are going to re-open the situation and pay you the rest of your winnings.  Again, this is just my opinion.  Ill confer with other staff on this. Secondly: How exactly did the Senior Manager convince you to settle your account for less than what you were actually owed? We will be in touch. Again, welcome to the forum.                                                                              Pam
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  3. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    morryme1, I am sorry but we will not be able to help you with this casino. From what I remember, they are the old Bet Royal Casino which is/was a rogue casino. Good luck to you getting your winnings.
  4. morryme1

    morryme1 NEW MEMBER

    HELLOthank you for your replys and attention to my case with PartyCasino.( for Mben) First, I would like to clear that PartyCasino never were Bet Royal Casino as I fully investigate about them. They always were PartyCasino with a licence from Ecogra and I know that casinos signed with Ecogra should be honest and reliable, this is the reason I kept gambling with them .( for PAM)Second,  when they called me on the phone at the time ( about a year ago) I got the feeling from them over the phone that I should accept their deal to be paid with the 75% of my cashout , otherwise.. I won't be paid at all.As I mentioned, I was not familiar with what I can do oppose their offer and I just wanted to see any winnings paid to me. I really thougt they treated me fairly by paying me more then $7000 winning as I was stupid to give up the remaining $3258 winning. After I brought my story and shared it with friends and other members, I realized I did a big mistake at the time . As I said PartyCasino was not fair by convicing me over the phone and not paying me in full... is this common for a fair casino to do?No one I know( or read about) had such a treatment ever beforeI really hope their is a way you can find for me to handle this case so I can be paid with what I deserve with my full winnings.thanks again for your attention and help
  5. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    We do not endorse them, promote them thus we have no contact for them. They are a Pit casino here on the forum and actually, Belgamo does not even allow postings to be made for them even if a free chip comes out or what not. I am sorry we cannot be of help. [​IMG]
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  6. morryme1

    morryme1 NEW MEMBER

    hi.... sorry to hear that.Any ideas maybe who can be helpfull in such case ?Anyone I can contact to get some better info or instruct mehow to deal with them?thanks againMaliheh
  7. milkman


    i think ur lucky u got paid:roll:

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