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Players Palace

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by dmcali, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. dmcali


    Well this is just because I like this casino but there promtions SUCK!!!!!!!!!So it's my birthday tomorrow so i hit them up to see if there are any b-day promo's well i guess not here is the live chat talk we had.info: Please wait for a site operator to respond. info: Welcome to Casino support live help, one moment please for world-class service Petros: Hi, and thank you for using our Live Chat facility! Allow me to introduce myself as your chat representative... Petros: will be assisting you, how could I be of service... tccr03298733: HI how are you tccr03298733: I was wondering if i had any birhday bonuses like a free chip. Petros: One moment please while we look into the matter for you? Petros: Derek please note that we have offered you more than enough bonus already unfortunately we will not be able to credit your account at this point of time tccr03298733: when have you offered me any bonuses tccr03298733: because i have not received them tccr03298733: a first deposit bonus maybe Petros: Kindly note that our promotional department cheks the way you have been handling your account for us to able to credit free bonus Petros: But in this case unfortunately we are not able to credit you tccr03298733: have i deposited here before and how much Petros: Your total purchase on this casinho is 150 and you received 145 bonus from us tccr03298733: I would think some one with $9,550.00 in withdrawls. That you would want me to come around and play here more Petros: Unfotunately we are unable to credit your account with any bonus at the moment tccr03298733: thats ok i will not play here ever again there are to many casino's online to play at. Thank you for the money have a nice day Petros: You are welcome. Please feel free to contact us anytime, as we are available 24/7.  Good Bye. tccr03298733: pass that on to your promotion department tccr03298733: bye Petros: bye Well thats' the end of at LOL.
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  2. AceAndyAce


    I would think some one with $9,550.00 in withdrawls. That you would want me to come around and play here more "
    Lol, that's just the reason why they don't want you anymore, you're too lucky!!
  3. ericbcook

    ericbcook MEMBER

    you deposit $ 150 and you withdraw over $9,000.00 and you want a birthday bonus what is wrong with u

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