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slotastic sent winning draw email and they won't honor it

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by blessusthree, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. blessusthree

    blessusthree NEW MEMBER

    Here is the conversation with Slotastic, they wouldn't let me talk to Oliver Smith, the person that signed the letter that was emailed me.... Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Ashley'Ashley:  Hello and welcome to our live chat service.  How may I help you today?sl-blessusthree:  i received a personalized email saying that i won the drawing for no deposit weekend bonus and for me to lof into my acct to get it, there is nothing in my account. i called and was told that it was a technical error and everyone was sent that email. it's not my fault that someone sent this in error. as far as i'Ashley:  We wish to sincerely apologize for this e-mail which was sent out in error earlier.Ashley:  We will ensure no such mistakes occur again in future.Ashley:  For details on our Happy Weekend bonus, please see details on our website.Ashley:  http://www.slotastic.com/en/Promotions/promo_happyweekend.aspxsl-blessusthree:  m concerned, if there isn't any award, that is misleading false informationt hat was sent to me to try to get me to play in the casino rightnowAshley:  I am sorry for the inconvenience sl-blessusthree:  ok, so, as I've told the lady on the phone, i will be deleting your casino, and will go on my forum sites and tell everyone that you've lied to me via emailAshley:  ok Ashley:  I can't do anything about that sl-blessusthree:  i dont' care if it's a mistake that it was sent to me or not, the fact is, is that it WAS sent to meAshley:  May I assist you with anything else today?sl-blessusthree:  is your manager available?sl-blessusthree:  and you don't care if i smear your casino nationally to my gambling websites? Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Yasmeen'. You are now chatting with 'Yasmeen'Yasmeen:  How may I help you? sl-blessusthree:  are you a manager?Yasmeen:  Yes I am the casino manager Yasmeen:  How may I help you Kelly? sl-blessusthree:  i'd liek to speak to oliver smith, the person that signed my emailYasmeen:  I am the only manager here Yasmeen:  What can I do for you Kelly? Yasmeen:  I have read your chat Yasmeen:  We do sincerely apologize for an e-mail sent out in error Yasmeen:  I see you have been advised of this earlier. Yasmeen:  Furthermore, to have qualified for this raffle/draw, you needed to have deposited during the weekend. sl-blessusthree:  i was sent a personalized email stating that i have a happy weekend no deposit in my acct, i've been told that this was a mistake and was sent to me in error. you can't do that, and i think that is illegal if yo're not going to uphold the information in that email. as I've told the last rep, if you're not going to honor it, i will go to all of my gambling websites and announce that you send bogus emails and don't honor what you say in emailsYasmeen:  Please read above. sl-blessusthree:  i didYasmeen:  I can only apologize,  Yasmeen:  which we have done already. sl-blessusthree:  if yo're the manager, then who is oliver smith, the person that calims to be the czasino manager that signed the email letter?Yasmeen:  I am responsible for the operations, he is the overall manager. sl-blessusthree:  well, i'd liek to speak to him please?Yasmeen:  Kelly, I can guarantee, you will be advised the same from him. Yasmeen:  It was an error sl-blessusthree:  he's the one that signed itYasmeen:  You cannot Yasmeen:  I already advised you this. Yasmeen:  It was an error sl-blessusthree:  ok well, oyu can expect to get less customers aas i'll be posting thisYasmeen:  and it is up to you to continue asking for an explanation, which I have already provided. Yasmeen:  Best regards kelly Yasmeen:  May I assist you with anything else today?sl-blessusthree:  i dont' weant an explanation, i want you to honor an award that you've notified me that i;ve wonYasmeen:  The e-mail was sent in error, which I have explained more than once. Yasmeen:  secondly Yasmeen:  to have qualified for such an award Yasmeen:  you needed to have deposited Yasmeen:  which you have never done sl-blessusthree:  not my fault, i didnt' ask for that emailYasmeen:  Do you no longer wish to receive e-mails then? sl-blessusthree:  lol not if they are lies
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  2. omeg

    omeg NEW MEMBER

    Hello there:I understand your frustration in receiving the email.  You are not alone, as thousands of people likely did.They have stated it was a technical error, and apologized.  These things happen. There is nothing that can be done.  I personally dont think it is necessary to try to slander a casino over a simple mistake, but that is your right if you choose.Thanks for the post.                                                                  Pamhttp://www.nodepositforum.com/t45990051/slotastic-casino-happy-weekend-raffle-starting-on-monday/
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  3. blessus4

    blessus4 Banned

  4. milkman


    sounds like somebody needs a chill pill. i get email like that from them b4 and it was an error i don't let it bother me. it happens:boohoo:
  5. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    blessusthree, Pam (and mlkmn) replied in a way that most would and that is that it was an error by the casino. I am sorry this happened to you.blessus4, I don't know the connection between you and blessusthree (there is some connection but it really doesn't matter even though it would be interesting to know what it is) and why you went off on her like that. It was totally uncalled for and the reason you are banned. Disagreeing with someone is one thing but to go off the way you did is not acceptable.

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