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What happened to Inetbet ?!?

Discussion in 'PROBLEMS - LET US TRY TO HELP' started by Seriously, May 12, 2009.

  1. Seriously


    I've been playing at Inetbet for years, mostly because of their fast payouts, and partially because of their low minimum deposit, which made up for their lack of live support...  they always responded to emails within an hour, but not any more!! I've had a withdrawal pending since yesterday, and have not received any response to the emails i sent !!  [​IMG]  (and it's not because of their yahoo issue, i use gmail)has anyone here had a similar experience???
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  2. 13mar13


    Me 2, first have yahoo, so change my email to gmail, and must wait LONG time to received and answer from the support. (sorry for my english i speak spanish lol)"
    gl with your cashout
  3. bczoom513

    bczoom513 NEW MEMBER

    Here's a problem that I just had with InetBet: I won a very small progressive jackpot at InetBet of $145 of which I only cashed out $80 after completing the deposit bonus playthrough."
    I got a congratulations email and then shortly after an email from the accounting department (below). Each time I deposit, I have used one of the deposit bonuses, but now I get this email stating that this is bonus abuse. It is not in the T&C and all along I felt I was following the rules. I have lost much more than I have ever withdrawn, my guess is that the jackpot win caused a accounting review and this is all that they could come up with."
    What are your thoughts?"
    We have today paid the withdrawal request that you made earlier this morning."
    It is with regret that I have to inform you that our accounts department have placed your account into the Bonus exclusion category."
    You have, since joining iNetBet continually availed of bonus's that we send out to reward our regular players, but you do not play unless it is bonus advantage play."
    In fact you have never deposited without claiming a bonus."
    We have no problem with a player claiming every coupon that we offer, however we do expect some non bonus play as well."
    I must therefore confirm that unless we see a change in your pattern of play i.e. bonus free playing, we will be denying any future bonus's that you try to redeem."
    This is not an action that we take lightly, however continual misuse of the bonus program seriously effects our ability to reward our regular players."
    Kind regards"
    CSR Lynn"
    Accounts Dept."
    iNetBet Casino
  4. trujinx


    bczoom513 thats such bs...ive never heard of such a thing....i wont be making anymore deposit there...thx 4 the heads up
  5. ohbhave


     Just to let you know, most of the RTG's do not allow you to win a progressive while playing on a no deposit bonus.  Unfotunately, iNetBet doesn't define their policy on the matter.  Nor do they stipulate that you cannot use a coupon for every single deposit.  Personally, I think this letter is absurd.  The statement that they are making really bothers me... especially coming from iNetBet! 
  6. Seriously


    WOW- i'm shocked by this too!  and, yes IT DOES sound like they're grasping.  I've been playing at RTgs for a while now, and it's obvious to me (and many MANY other players)  that they want you to take the bonus because you're less likely to meet the playthru!   I'm not sure whether Inebet has slipped or they've been Eddie Haskel all along.  (hope Leave it to Beaver airs in spanish).    So the good news is that Intertops has RTG now !! 
  7. krystalkitty

    krystalkitty Greedy Gambler

    Really wants me to play at InetBet........:(
  8. nonna


    i play at inbet because of the low deposit offers if i don't take a bonus i can't play very long thier slots seem tight to me or i am just picking the wrong games yes its good that intertops has a rtg casino my husband has had a account at the green casino for years and now plays at the new rtg one he has hit
  9. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Take action! go to www.casinomeister.com... send a pm to casinomeister and read the rules about making a PAB. Also, there is a representative from Inetbet at Casinomeister. You will get help about this. Good luck!
  10. bczoom513

    bczoom513 NEW MEMBER

    Thanks for the feedback, I have contacted the inetbet rep at casinomeister and the message is the same ....you must make non-bonus deposits even though this is not clear in the T&C. I have asked them to close my account and I will try Intertops Red. I always thought that it was to the casino's advantage for the match deposit bonus with the high playthrough. I used the bonus coupons since I have very limited funds so the match bonus was a way to increase my playtime, fully expecting not to complete the playthrough.
  11. ohbhave


    its a shame to watch a reputable casino commit politcal suicide (for lack of a better phrase) right before our eyes.  its painful to watch! [​IMG]
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  12. Mistye81


    WOW, this is crazy. Thanks for posting your experience, and giving us all a heads up. I personally don't play there, and probably never will after reading this. Best of Luck to you!
  13. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    You should also send a PM to the casinomeister, dont give up just now... see if he can intermediate, he is a nice guy!"
    Good luck!
  14. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Also, bring it under the attention AFTER you have the casinomeister's consent in the forum under complaints bonus issues. Please dont give up!
  15. Zagora


    I don't like the sounds of this at all ... I play at Inetbet regularly for the very same reasons -- I'm a small depositer and I take advantage of their coupons with nearly every deposit. I was totally unaware that you had to make bonus-free deposits every now and then. Thanks for the info. I think I may be looking for another RTG to play in - there's certainly quite a few reputable ones out there to pick from these days.
  16. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Inetbet used to be my favorite casino to play at. Now their support seems to have gone downhill although they still payout quick. If they dont want people to take advantage of their bonuses, then they should state that we cannot claim bonuses without making non-bonus deposits in their T&C's."
    Hope that made sense.
  17. virgie

    virgie NDF FRIEND

    wow, that is soo sad. inebet is sure going to lose alot of business because off this. i am glad that u told us as we the customers dont wont to support a company that offers bonuses and then punishes u from using them. i like u like to use bonuses to increase my play time and dont think i will play to get thru the playthrough. as long as we are depositing are hard earn money with the bonus coupon what is the big deal. it is not like only using no deposit bonus coupons..i think they will lose alot of business because of the action. u know what they say, one bad act gets a dozen of bad press.. one good act gets half that amt.so thanks for telling all of us and we all should email them and let them know we think what they did to bczoom. bad business practice.
  18. smosey


    I didnt think there was such a rule. Why would they offer bonuses? Its probably in small print about taking to many which I find werid. I have never gambled there due to no live help I  just cant put my money somewhere I cant immediatley get ahold of. That doesnt make them necessarily bad but now when a problem does exist you have to communicate by e-mai? I havent tried there and now I definatley wont because I am a bonus consumer!!Thanks for the information on the bonus now I will be sure to ask other casinos I deposit in before I do so![​IMG] Thanks for the heads up!
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  19. zebedy1967

    zebedy1967 Banned

    just move to jackpot capital,or one of the other reputable RTG casino's regular bonuses more support options, maybe inetbet will have a change of heart when they lose business over it
  20. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Inetbet is a very reputable casino still. I just think they should allow us to use the bonuses they offer without making excuses later.
  21. sls616


    I sent them an email twice asking for a Birthday Bonus if I was eligible, which I should have been, I made a deposit just 2-3 weeks before that and I used to deposit alot a few years ago, so I am a depositing player. Any way, they didnt even bother to email me back and let me know one way or the other!! I thought they could have at least let me know. I even sent the request to the manager and also regular support.
  22. luckyzb

    luckyzb MEMBER

    I also deposit at iNetBet because of their low minimums, but some months I deposit several hundred dollars.I have been doing this for a couple of years and I play at other RTG's as well. I will give iNetBet two important things - they do give out Manager Bonuses every month to depositing players and they do pay when, and if, you ever do happen to win at their very tight slots. I do appreciate this. However, as far as Customer service, here is what I have experienced with iNetBet (especially within the last few months) and I am re-thinking where I stick my money:"
    Customer Service is very short and often rude when, and IF, they respond to e-mails. I have asked simple questions and ALWAYS receive unfriendly, one-sentence, impersonal responses. Have to admit, this always feels strange since I have given them quite a bit of my money!"
    iNetBet is so disinterested in Customer Service that they offer NO Live Chat and NO phone number to contact them. How ridiculous is that? E-mail is the only option! And the Yahoo issue is a bunch of crap - it just buys them time to respond or excuses their lack of responding. I just find the no Live Chat & no phone number absolutely incredible considering they are always given accolades as a reputable casino. You'd think they notice this and try to keep the reputation going."
    Depositing players are given no preferential treatment whatsoever at any time. Once in a while I will ask for a $5.00 bonus (either because I saw a code on this forum that's expired - of course, never in my email), and they have, except for one time, responded with a short No, can't do it because... and gave some ridiculous technicality as the reason. For a $5.00 bonus with a 10X max cashout for a regular deposting player? I mean, really, $5 lousy dollars??? For a $4.00 July 4th Code found here, I tried to redeem it on July 4th two hours before midnight AZ time and it came back expired . I immediately e-mailed and, sure enough, they sent back a quick Sorry, it expired East Coast time . For $4.00???? I e-mailed back with my own short response, believe me, and within an hour I rec'd this happy letter e-mail about how they were giving me a nice bonus (as if I had never emailed) and to look in my acct. I did, and it was $4.00. Whoopee."
    To be honest, I have rec'd much better treatment at rouge casinos and found highly available CS and it is really too bad because I know iNetBet can do better. They have a good reputation throughout but do not seem to appreciate that fact at all. It may not last forever.
  23. luckyzb

    luckyzb MEMBER

    Oh, one more thing - they NEVER give out Birthday Bonuses. It's against the rules or something. Won't happen.
  24. Percival12

    Percival12 WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    I received one this year, after I asked for it... funny...
  25. Mben

    Mben No Deposit Forum Administrator Staff Member

    I received a Bday bonus also, after requesting it. I believe last year's Bday bonus was put in my account without me having to ask for it. "
    Kind of embarrassing to have to ask for a present on my Bday! LOL"
    What's up iNetbet??
  26. lucky8s


    Well what to share a $4,888 withdrawal I got after I won a RANDOM at iNetBet and had the $ in my account in 48 hrs. My Birthday bonus I think was (if I remember correctly) was $50.00. I do not know of any other casino that lets you deposit as little as $2.00.  You get a managers bonus every month without asking for it. [​IMG]
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  27. ohbhave


     Now that's what I like to hear! Good for you lucky8s!!  [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  28. rebago


    I don't know about Inetbet. I have been hearing for years how great they are but went to make a deposit today and it was rejected twice. I see where you can only email them for support. What is up with that? So I did, and it has been like 10 hours no response. Don't they want my money?
  29. queenmap

    queenmap WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    Don't feel bad rebago..I think we all wish they had live support. If you have a yahoo address they won't reply, or have difficulty doing so. "
    Did you try using CC? If thats the deal, their processor may be having problems? Sorry, I can't help you much there.
  30. sexytrina

    sexytrina NEW MEMBER

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