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Who Wants A Side Pot?


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This year we have one free to enter league.
League will be at NFL.com.
The prize is $100 via PayPal or $100 Amazon Gift Card at the season's end.

We create a sidepot for the league for those who want to contribute and possibly win more than just the free prize of $100. The sidepot contribution of $25 is paid via PayPal, Zelle, Facebook pay, or CashApp, no later than September 14th.

If you contribute to the sidepot you are eligible to win the whole pot which could end up being 8 x $25 = $200 if we get 8 teams and everyone contributes to the sidepot. We have 8 teams now, but might end up with 10 if we can find one more player.

So what could the Champion walk away with?

*Champion (no sidepot contribution) wins $100 free prize.
*Champion (sidepot contribution) wins $100 plus the sidepot.
*If the Champion did not contribute to the sidepot, as a runner-up, whichever team did contribute to it will win only the sidepot.

Post if you want to play Fantasy Football if you haven't told us already.

And current team owners and our potential two other team owners... post here that you're in the side pot if you want in it.


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So far we have six teams that are in. One is not, and I'm waiting for an answer from the eighth team.

The pot is at $150 so far... nice!


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We have a confirmed 7 team owners contributing to the side pot.

So it's a total of $175! Nice!

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