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My Crazy Chat @ Go Wild!

Discussion in 'GENERAL DISCUSSION' started by unsoughtpoet, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. unsoughtpoet

    unsoughtpoet WELL KNOWN MEMBER

    A Chat box at GO WILD casino will just pop up on you randomly now and then,...and behind the curtain there is always a customer service maniac   at play! Here is one of my great chat's or I should say one crazy chat ! Go wild at wild all! They are far and wide becoming my favorite place just because of the service!<img width="66" src="http://www.activeboard.com/emote.img?ID=5545" alt="bigclap" height="42" style="width:56px;height:42px;" title="bigclap" />Here's to that maniac Miss Mia & Me ...as  Me,... or myself of corse! <img src="http://www.sparkimg.com/emoticons/wink.gif" alt="wink" title="wink" /> lol You are now chatting with Mia Mia : Hello, Welcome to GoWild Casino Me : hello mis Me : mia,...oops! lol Mia : Hi Launa:) Mia : How are you today? Me : whats up? Are you keeping the Revolution going strong? [​IMG] Mia : :D Me : i am good,... Me : and you? Mia : I am very good , working though :) Mia : I see you made a deposit :) Me : i just got home from working all night through....uggh Me : hope i can keep my eyes wide and have some me time before i get to go do it all again tonight! Mia : :) Mia : I am sure you will have a WILD time playing with us:) Me : yea,...i deposited,of course,...cause if i could ever do that thing,....uummm, win, ...yea,...i could stay home a few nights here and there! lol Mia : Launa I have a suggestion for you :) if you add 17 more I will be able to give you 35% bonus Me : really? well what are the T&C's on that then,...? Mia : You can also get 40% on your deposit of 100 and above Mia : And I will add you some free spins on top Me : what wagering terms and max cash out terms are on %bonuses? Mia : The bonus must be turned over 29 times before Playthrough Requirement has been met Me : i am scared of that cause other casinos in the past have let me win only to let me down at cashout saying i can only win a max of --- you know,...and its hard to turn it over even once sometimes,...lol;' Me : so,..is it just the bonus amount to turn over or the bonus + deposit total? Mia : Just the bonus amount:) Me : thats a deal! Mia : Great! :) Me : well, no,...i cant put 17 more deposit,...only 20 or more Me : right? Mia : You are right.If you add 20 more I will put something on top Mia : so I will give you 35% plus a little present on top Me : so 35% of my $53 and a present or even better,...the spins! Me : ? Me : this is so fun! Mia : yes :) 35% on your 53 and a little present Mia : And what would be your decision Launa?:) Mia : You can also get 40% for your deposit of 100 and above plus 5 free spins on top Mia : :) Me : so if i may add a twist to these negotiations,lol...how about you let me include the fact that i deposited 40 yesterday and 33 now for total of 73 and i will add 27 to total 100 for the %40???? Me : And what would be your decision Mia? Me : :) Mia : If you made those 40 today than I would be able to do that:) Me : awwww Mia : :) Me : co'mon! Me : get wild! Mia : :D Mia : I think this is a good offer:) 20 more and you ll get 35% (plus 5 free spins PLUS a little present from me) Me : they were only deposits on the 17th due to where the hands on a clock were at! LOL Me : BUT..... Me : YOU'VE GOT A DEAL! Me : WOO0-HOOOOOO@ Mia : :D Me : adding 20 now ty Mia : I will be MOREEE than happy to issue your account with a nice bonus :) Me : make the math easy for me please,...what is the amount i need to turn over 29 times? Me : and how do i know when i've reached that amount? Mia : Launa, I gave you 35% and a free 5 just from me Mia : that means that yout bonus balance is 24 and you have to wager it 29 times Mia : Any time you want to know about your wagering just contact me and I will tell everything Me : $696.00 Mia : YES:) Mia : I add you also 5 free spins Me : what games are about to go crazy wild for me? any suggestions? Me : cool,...wher the spins? Mia : spins are for Gift Rap slot Mia : And I suggest you Hunky Heroes Mia : Its my favorite Mia : MEN:) Me : ok ill try it! would be new to me! but love the gift wrap of course! Mia : Try those heroes :) Mia : you can take of theirs clothes :) Me : ok then,...tyvm this was a blast ! but i'd better get to spinnin if i'm gonna spin $696++++! Me : cool! I'm there ! Me : C-ya around the wild my friend! Mia : :) it was really nice chatting with you Mia : Please contact me any time Me : u as well Mia : I ll be here if you need any asistance                                                 <img width="128" src="http://www.activeboard.com/emote.img?ID=5886" alt="metal" height="58" style="width:185px;height:152px;" title="metal" />
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