If you’ve been a little timid about playing online craps, there’s no reason you should be! To ensure you place the best bets so you win like a pro, here are some top tips. Understanding Craps   The game begins with a shooter who is also one of the players at the table. The shooter… View Article

June 25, 2013

If you think sly card counters and master cheaters are the only ones to get the casino boot, think again. Here are five celebrities who have been not only asked to leave, but banned from casinos. Magician Derren Brown   You wouldn’t think someone like Derren Brown who is famous in the U.K. for his… View Article

June 20, 2013

When you hit it big at the casino, it’s nice to do something fun with your winnings. Sure you might want to invest some of the money and watch it grow, or leave some in your online casino bank and try out new online games. Both of those are great ideas. But big wins are… View Article

June 18, 2013

Casinos are built for gaming but they are also built with extravagance in mind. The more lavish the casino, the better. Here we take a look at four of the world’s most stunning casino venues. Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino in Spain Located on the island of Ibiza in Spain sits the Ibiza Gran Hotel, and… View Article

June 16, 2013

People do place bets on some unusual events—even TV show outcomes. Are these outrageous bets or would you consider betting on the weird or bizarre? We found four odd things people have placed bets on and one of them is downright creepy. The Papal Election Image via Flickr by Padmanaba01 When Pope Benedict XVI stepped down… View Article

June 11, 2013

The pros who win the big pots whether it’s online play or gambling in the casinos of Vegas or New Jersey have certain personality traits. What characteristics do they possess to keep their winnings large? Here are seven traits one might see in a professional gambler. They are Learning Oriented Those who commit to being… View Article

If you ever saw the movie Inventing the Abbots with Liv Tyler and Joaquin Phoenix, you’d have an idea of strange things people use to place bets. Phoenix’s character’s father bet his business to the matriarch of the Abbott family and lost. Not all bets are this outrageous, but these five strange bets may leave… View Article

June 10, 2013